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Facebook Can Face Broader Watchdog Action, EU Court Adviser Says

Facebook Can Face Broader Watchdog Action, EU Court Adviser Says

The EU High Court Adviser has issued a recommendation that data protection agencies in any EU country should be allowed to take legal action against Facebook or any other tech entity even if their regional headquarters are in a different EU state.

The recommendation was then issued Facebook Belgium has demanded the overthrow of the privacy regulator in the data case that the European Union is headquartered in Dublin and therefore Ireland is the main authority. EU For the US social media giant.

Advocate General Michel Bobeck, Adviser to the European Court of Justice, recommended that the Data Protection Agency in any EU country take legal action in a variety of situations, even if they are not a major authority.

Following the recommendation, national agencies in the 27-member EU could take action against other US tech companies Google, Twitter, And Apple, Also has their EU headquarters in Ireland.

Facebook did not immediately comment.

EU judges often follow lawyer-general views, but not necessarily. They usually give a verdict in two to four months.

Belgium’s regulator has tried to show targeted advertisements without their valid permission to stop collecting data on the browsing behavior of Belgium users. The regulator said this happened even though the user did not have a Facebook account.

Facebook has challenged this on the grounds that the Irish Privacy Watchdog is the dominant authority over Facebook.

Bobeck said the Lead Authority had general capacity over border data processing, reducing the authority of other authorities to initiate legal action in border cases based on the “one-stop-shop” mechanism embodied in EU regulations.

But he said the Lead Authority needed to liaise closely with other data protection officers, which could still bring cases to their courts.

The EU Privacy Rules, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allow other national privacy regulators to rule on violations restricted to a specific country. France and Germany have already done this.

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