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Switching to Signal? 5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Switching to Signal? 5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

The signal is seeing a huge influx of users switching from WhatsApp, users wanting to protest about WhatsApp’s new privacy policies, and the movement received significant impetus even when Tesla boss Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal”. If you are just starting to use the privacy-centric messaging app, here are some features you might want to know.

Read on to find out the best tips and tricks for the signal, which will help you avoid using the app.

1. Set up the screen lock

The signal has a screen lock function so even if your phone is unlocked you will still be able to access the phone via PIN or your phone’s biometric lock to open the signal app. So if you hand over your phone to someone for any reason, they will not be able to see your messages.

To do this, go Toggle Settings> Privacy> Screen Lock.

2. Turn off incoming signal notifications

With so many people joining the signal right now, your phone will ping like crazy when so many of your contacts get on board. The good news is that disabling these notifications is easy, so you can use the app without being bombed by unwanted messages.

To do this, go Toggle Settings> Notifications‌> Contact Signal Joined.

Signal blurface screen shot signal

The signal allows you to automatically blur the faces on the images you send.
Photo credit: Screenshot / Signal

3. Blur faces on photos

If you are concerned about privacy, do not want to send photos with people’s faces unless you get their consent. An alternative is to manually edit laborious and time consuming photos. The signal you have covered – the selection of photos to send includes an automatic face blurring tool and you can even manually swipe extra parts of the screen to be blurry – great if you need to send an ID document.

To do this, To send + mark> press> blur button‌ (It looks like a circle with black and white tiles inside) > Toggle blurred faces. You can draw anywhere on the screen with your finger to obscure additional information.

4. Send a disappearing message

WhatsApp has recently received disappearing messages, but Signal has had this feature for a long time. These are messages that have a time limit, and are then deleted so that your conversations are private.

To do this, open the chat, and then enter the menu Tap on person name> Toggle disappearing messages> Slide timer to set message duration.

5. Set how many times the attachment can be viewed

Specifies the time limit for a chat message that disappears, but the other person must be able to access it during that time. If you set it to something like 5-seconds, no one else can see a thing unless they are active in chatting with you. Attachment restrictions are a slightly different way to send messages more privately. With this setting, you can send an image or video that you can only view once, and once it’s closed, the attachment disappears. So, you can view sent days or weeks, but only once.

Send signal single screen shot signal

How to set up single-send messages.
Photo credit: Screenshot / Signal

To do this, press + Mark> Tap on image to send> Tap on infinity icon In the lower left corner. All you have to do is, and then you can send the attachment as usual.

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