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WandaVision Review: Marvel Packs a Mystery Inside a Sitcom

WandaVision Review: Marvel Packs a Mystery Inside a Sitcom

Vandavision – Marvel’s first (mini) series on Disney + and Disney + Hotstars – a strange delight. This includes Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) cooking and Vision (Paul Bettani) belting her dulset tones at the dinner party. Two of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes, busy defending the world, were suddenly sent home. In that sense, it is similar to our collective experiences of the past year, because we are stuck at home. The opening episodes – I saw three – were mostly black-and-white, shot in a 4: 3 aspect ratio. And oh, I mentioned it was set in the fifties? After comparing Martin Scorsese’s Marvel movies to theme parks, Vandavision’s’ first new submission and complaining that they are not “movie” and the new Marvel series seems to be a direct response to those comments.

In fact, some part of it was just accidental. Wandavision First entry in Marvel Cinematic Universe The fourth stage – post-Avengers: an internal term referring to the endgame era – but it was not so planned. Led by Scarlett Johansson Black widow Ready to launch things last April The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, to follow on TV when MCU started Disney + Travel. Vandavision was going to be in the third row, but then the pandemic hit us and delayed everything. In a way, it works well for Marvel. Black widow And Falcon and Winter Soldier Look a lot like Marvel’s current offerings Scores Criticisms. WandaVision is different from anything on the MCU and will greatly enhance Marvel’s Disney + launch, including Marvel Chief Kevin Fees. Informed.

Wandavision’s monochromatic academy-ratio look inspired by dozens of classic American sitcoms. There are likes in it I love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Dream of Jenny, Bewitched, Family relationships, And Full house. And like some of those shows, Vandavision changes color as it develops, following new tropes and styles. It starts with a laughter track as the Hollywood Golden Age sitcom – episode 1 was filmed with live studio audiences – and then moves on for decades while using silly jokes in Stockato rhythm, and then physical comedy, animated scenes and pops. WandaVision has new episode-appropriate title sequences for each episode and they begin with theme songs Frozen Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez duo.

But Vandavision is not the only one. Sitcom is the face of a big secret hidden beneath the display surface – this is technically what happens after events Endgame, And leads Dr. Strange in Multiverse of Madness, Which starred Olsen – brief information mentioned at the outset. In that sense, it’s close Westworld (Its creative team includes mystery box lover JJ Abrams) and seems to evoke endless theory after each episode. And the like HBO I’m sure enthusiasts and Redditters of the series will find the true nature of Vandavision in the first few episodes.

The first Marvel The Disney + Series opens with the “Married Now” sign on the back of an old-fashioned car. The skeptical couple, Wanda and Vision, arrived in the idyllic suburban town of Westview. They both agree that apart from the whole super power business they are an extraordinary couple – they have no wedding rings, no wedding pictures and no wedding memories – but Wanda wants them to be “fit”, and they do the same. She does her part to be a housewife, prepare meals and organize local events with other women. Vision spends his days typing forms in 9 to 5 office jobs. He wonders at once what the company really does, but no one knows, it feels like a jab at the bureaucracy and a cog in the machine.

There are early signs that something is wrong with both Wanda and Vision struggling to remember the significance of the day ahead. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities, as they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. “What’s your story?” Cried the guest, as the series reads like a question asked by the audience. After all, Vision is dead – twice, in Wanda’s hands and big bad Thanos – in Avengers: Infinity War, But he was alive and well on Vandavision. What Is Their story? Marvel Series – Created by Jack Schaefer, the creator of the Marvel genre inside Captain Marvel (Uncredited) and Black widow (Story) – Although most of the opening episodes serve as sitcom episodes, do not rush to give answers.

In the first episode, Wanda and Vision have to organize a dinner in advance, which goes hilarious from the rails. Second, the two sign on to do a magic show for local fundraising – which in parts looks like Chaplin-esque – which goes hilarious from the rails. And third, they have to deal with a life-changing event that develops much faster than it usually does. In and out of this, WandaVision jokes about the dual personalities of Wanda and Vision, which play on the fact that the audience knows more than the other characters in the show.

Speaking of other characters, Vandavision has three from the big MCU: Monica Rambue (Tenova Paris) Captain Marvel Now an adult, from Dr. Darcy Lewis (Cott Dennings) Thor And Thor: The Dark World, And from FBI agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) Ant man and wasp. The newcomer is Agnes (Catherine Hahn), a nosy neighbor.

wandavision monica rambeau wandavision

Teona Paris as Monica Rambue in Wandavision
Photo credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

Vandavision also has its rare dramatic moments. They are Wanda’s family worries and mother’s wishes, her brother’s death (killed) Avengers: Age of Ultron) And the mental anguish it caused. All of these are situations where she has never been allowed before, because Marvel movies have no place to process those feelings, yet mostly Wanda supporting role and never an independent film.

As the trailers suggest, the sitcom world looks like Wanda is chasing a normal life that she has never had. Or may be sheltered from some kind of danger. There are early indications in WandaVision that this virtual state may not be Wanda’s own product, as evidenced by fake commercials. There is a fee Agreed The big truths about the show come out of these ads.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (40+ episodes) and Game of Thrones (“East Watch”And“The Spoils of War”), Who can handle both light and heavy and bring a soft touch to dark notes. In fact, the real test of his abilities lies in the remaining six episodes, which Disney The show was not available to critics before its release. WandaVision is different than everything we’ve ever gotten. The cookie cutter has nothing to do with its approach, as Marvel has previously alleged. What will it be like when it reaches its endgame? After all, its creators have already talked about what it looks like in a big action MCU movie in the third action. Will it stay unlike Marvel throughout or will it eventually melt away as a normal MCU action?

Wandavision premieres January 15 Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. Both episodes air a week, one week later until March 5th.

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