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What Will the Most Exciting Tech Launch of 2021 Be?

What Will the Most Exciting Tech Launch of 2021 Be?

In this episode of Orbital, we will discuss the tech that awaits in 2021. Video producer and internal “commentator” Shubham Raheja discusses with host Pranay Parab what to expect from 2021. But first, let’s talk about our favorite purchases 2020 and why we like them the most. We mentioned why you should not buy gadgets as they are released. Then we start talking about the things we want to see in tech this year.

We start by talking about smartphones and what we want to see in the future. We will talk about trends such as foldable smartphones and other gimmicky form factors as well. Then we talk about the smartphone software and whether it develops by allowing people to turn the smartphone into a tool to get the job done and not the focus. We are talking about some software ideas that we want to implement and why these are challenging for smartphone makers.

Then we talk about PC and laptop space, here we talk about Apple’s M1 chipset and how ARM-based Windows laptops spice up the competition. We’ll talk about the upcoming MacBooks and iMax and specify what we want to see from these gadgets and why. Finally, we mentioned other technical things we want to buy this year.

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