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Wonder Woman 1984 Review: DC Sequel a Major Step Down From the Original

Wonder Woman 1984 Review: DC Sequel a Major Step Down From the Original

Wonder Woman 1984 is the best film of the awkward DC cinematic universe. The original Wonder Woman, Released in 2017, has everything DC needs. Batman v Superman: Unlike the Darkness and Dermatology of Dawn of Justice, it is hilarious and joyful. Its attempts at comedy have been successful Suicide Squad. Unlike Man of Steel, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) finds hope even in the deadliest of times, as is true of the origins of her character: World War I. . As such, Wonder Woman 1984 has huge shoes to fill. Unfortunately, the sequel falls out of the hands of its makers, and no matter what Godot does – and she can do so much – she will not save her next adventure from misfire.

Like every superhero sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 Must be larger and greater than its predecessors. Wonder Woman Much has happened in the First World War, where do you go from there? The title of the sequel states that it was set in the 80s and the decision to choose “1984” is particularly interesting. It suggests some Orwellian connection, but strangely, it is nowhere to be found in Wonder Woman 1984. It doesn’t even use the excuse of its 80s setting to pepper in nostalgic music, as most other movies and TV shows prefer the 80s. The only reason for this seems to be the nuclear Holocaust fears, but then Wonder Woman 1984 may also have been set in the 60s. 1984 Why? The makers – if the returning Jenkins co-wrote with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham – would know, they would not mind telling us.

But the biggest problem for the new Wonder Woman movie is the filmmaking basics. The trajectory is everywhere. Wonder Woman 1984 takes about 70 minutes to go – very disappointing – but even after it starts all at once, the movies forget that the moment is ripe. If you are plowing you can easily paper the cracks in the script – – ask Christopher Nolan, He knows how to remove it. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot going on – in fact if anything, Wonder Woman 1984 packs a lot more, we’ll discuss in a minute – but all of this looks like busywork, none of which is of less urgency or importance. It has two undeveloped villains, one of whom did not serve well. It has an interest in returning love, the return of which is morally clumsy. And it’s not entirely engrossed with the confusing issues and seismic thoughts involved in the protagonist’s life.

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Note: Small background and platform spoilers are forward.

Wonder Woman competes in the 1984 Amazon Games with a young Diana (Lily Aspel) on her home island of Themiskira – a non-crazier similar to their local Olympics. Despite her rivals being twice her age, Diana pushes herself to be better, faster and stronger than everyone else in the quest for success. Although she is intelligent, Antiope (Robin Wright) reminds Diana that she must be honest too. It’s interesting that it’s coming out the same month Mulan, It has huge value to be on its own. Naturally, this is the theory that Wonder Woman 1984 wants to build herself. But it was half successful on how the new Wonder Woman film would contribute to the rest, and it seems to have lost its idea in the many narrative threads it tries to balance.

It was Diana (Gadot) who settled on a continent in the American capital Washington DC in 1984 and is almost seventy years away from the events of the first film. She works as an anthropologist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – forever, compatible with those who live in comparison – and performs heroic deeds throughout the city. Some of it feels like a friendly neighbor to her Wonder Woman. Diana is also very lonely, every human being she has ever known and loved is dead. Wonder Woman 1984 gives a glimpse into her home, including her lover Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and another very old Etta Candy, Steve’s assistant. Wonder Woman. Diana’s immortality is a curse in some ways.

One day at the museum, Diana meets a new employee, Dr. Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wig), an expert in various fields of study – gemology, geology, lithology and cryptology – but with Diana’s natural brilliance. She is very awkward, unable to attract people and quickly forgets. For Barbara, Diana is like the perfect package and she is in awe and envy of what she is. Barbara wants Diana to own everything. From her perspective, everything will be easier for Diana. Diana’s tragedy is that she has lost everyone she loved, and Barbara has not even experienced the feeling of being loved yet. Wonder Woman 1984 quickly proves that the wig is the perfect choice to play a guy like Barbara with her comedic background and chops.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review Barbara Minerva Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Kristen Wig as Dr. Barbara Minerva in Wonder Woman 1984
Photo credit: Clay Enos / DC Comics / Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 1984 could easily have been built around this dynamic, but Jenkins and co. The third cycle is sufficient to introduce the mixture: Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). Publicly, Max is an oil man and a TV personality who promises to make a fortune for the common people who invest in his company. Behind closed doors, Max is a short-time con man who runs a Ponzi scheme. In this sense, he sounds a bit like Jimmy McGill Good call to Saul. But Max has a plan to reverse his fate, there are magical powers with the help of ancient artifacts. And naturally, the object crosses Barbara’s desk, where Polyglot Diana gives it cravings. Diana and Barbara laugh at it “too dull”, but not before they want to be private about their deepest desires.

The first hour of the film is spent setting up these two new important characters, but the two source stories for the villains make the action much slower. And it is not as if they have developed richly and densely. It essentially represents B from point A (unclean, unattractive, and awkward or desperate and on the edge) (cool, sexy and glamorous or all powerful and greedy).

With Barbara, there is a very relative aspect to the fact that Diana is only unique among humans, Barbara herself is nothing and nothing. When she transforms into a villainous leopard, it becomes what she wanted (albeit at some cost). But Wonder Woman 1984 fails to bring the thread home as needed, and falls into clichd background territory before melting into uninteresting fistfights. Their battle turns itself into an obstacle in the way of the video game boss rather than a destination. At first Jenkins was forced into a climactic fight Wonder Woman, But all of this is her own making.

With Max, Wonder Woman 1984 wants to explain its early morality about the importance of honesty. Max wants the world to think only of themselves – there is a late-game montage that tells us how this worldview of his was created – but he is hiding the true cost of the promises he makes. But again, those ideas are not confidently structured and the result seems to be half earned. Where this arc is well maintained it connects to the compassionate roots of the character, not through a simple big battle, but through Diana’s words and her empathy and message of peace. “We all should not have what we want” is an important message in a increasingly lonely world where stability is of greater concern than ever before.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Review Maxwell Lord Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Pedro Pascal Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984
Photo credit: Warner Bros. / DC Comics

But in the midst of that chaos Diana lost herself. Wonder Woman 1984 is truly about Diana’s central conflict (never engaging with the time it dictates), about the personal sacrifices she makes for the world of men, and how she’s been stagnant for the lost six decades. It really does not allow us inside the person that she is. Gadot brings a lot to this character – Wonder Woman 1984 works until it does – she conveys the humanity of Wonder Woman, effortless charm, grace and strength in movement, her face reveals the pain she endures and the determination to focus on doing the right thing forever. She took on the role herself, unimaginable to anyone else. Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately, she is working on a heavy load package that she is unaware of. Its action bits do not match World War I scenes Suggested for original. Strangely, for a movie that costs $ 200 million, its first big action set piece in the desert feels small at times. I can not put my finger on this issue if there is bad CGI, editing or action choreography. Wonder Woman 1984 is very good with its humorous and romantic bits. Steve’s return pushes the fish from the concept of water to the original – Diana knows the world and for whom Steve is now all foreign.

But the meat and potatoes of the article are half-baked or undiscovered. Now that Wonder Woman 1984 is being released simultaneously HBO Max (Although only in the US), I can’t help but think it could be miniseries. Jack Snyders Justice League Already receiving that treatment. It gives us episodes about how Diana is doing without her dead friends, episodes that allow the villains to fully develop and episodes that focus on his relationship after the fairy return of Diana and Steve. It is very necessary because it is very adequate. Needless to say it was already 145 minutes long. But it takes a lot more time to tell stories that are lazily trying to fit into a single movie.

Meanwhile, even Wonder Woman cannot save 2020.

Wonder Woman 1984 Out In movies in India and elsewhere. In the US, it is Is available One month on HBO Max.

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